Hello! I’m Jen, a graphic visual interaction UX product designer focused on making sure we’re building the right “It” before we build it right.


My superpowers are empathy, imagination, & motivation.

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  • I am curious, always learning, and love to share my passion for the potential of tech + inclusive design to positively reimagine our world.
  • Collaboration, research, direct user observation, and rapid prototyping are the most valuable methods of uncovering effective outcomes.
  • Balancing feature details with holistic design perspective, I simplify the complex with a process customized for the project, provide innovative solutions, create engaging experiences, design usable, satisfying products, and build collaborative relationships.
  • My experience includes branding over a dozen products, collaborating on a couple of design systems, and documenting style guides for a wide range of mediums.

In my spare time I enjoy writing, recording, performing, and releasing my original music, as well as hiking, running, biking, Krav Maga, surfing waves, and tinkering with Arduino. I am designing my first Alexa Skill & perfecting my popover baking technique. Tips welcome!


  • Increased mobile visitors by 75% for the Accounts & Trade experience via a responsive redesign. My CSS-based solution unblocked the data-dense Positions grid allowing the project to ship on schedule.
  • “Responsified” resulting in a 50% increase in mobile revenue per arrival.
  • Initiated, researched, and built a device testing suite to support responsive web design testing.
  • Created a “Lunch & Learn” series inviting coworkers to present passion projects before their peers over a catered lunch.
  • Over 20 years of design, research, and front-end web development experience.
  • Public speaker on tech subjects, regular volunteer/mentor in the community, exhibiting artist, and performing independent musician.

View my portfolio for examples of my track record of delivering results and unblocking stalled projects.

My focus is on the 4 C's:
Collaboration, Communication, Compromise, & Creativity.


Process is a fluid thing, dependent upon the people involved, the resources available, and the goals. Generally, my process will leverage these four stages:

  1. Understand: research, gather information, research, audit, research, clarify, research ツ
  2. Plan: strategize, coordinate, collaborate, ideate, schedule, review
  3. Design: brainstorm, sketch, craft, prototype, test, problem-solve
  4. Iterate: validate, obtain feedback, tweak, pivot, improve, document

Read about my process at Fidelity.

Design signifies intent. What are your intentions?