Hello! I’m Jen, a graphic visual interaction UX product designer focused on making sure we’re building the right “It” before we build it right.


My superpowers are empathy, imagination, & motivation.

In my spare time I enjoy writing/recording/performing/releasing original music, hiking, running, biking, Krav Maga, and tinkering with Arduino. I am designing my first Alexa Skill and perfecting my popover baking technique. Tips welcome!

Jen is the ultimate user advocate — human-centered, results-driven, and strategic, a cross-functional UXer, designing iteratively informed by research & behavior. She has worked with large enterprises known for exceptional service and results where she led digital projects to streamline complex transactions into effective, responsive, mobile experiences. Empathy is her superpower. Through focused listening, diligent research, thoughtful questioning, rapid prototyping, and development experience,

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