listening for the right “it”
before we build it right


Jen from the days they had yellow in their bangs, wearing a colorful sweater
Photo by Nancy Dapkiewicz

My superpowers are empathy, imagination, collaboration, & motivation.
  • I’m infinitely curious, always learning, and love to share my passion for the potential of tech + inclusive design to positively reimagine our communities.
  • Collaboration, research, direct user observation, and rapid prototyping are the most valuable methods of uncovering effective outcomes.
  • Balancing feature details with holistic design perspective, I simplify the complex with a process customized for the project, provide innovative solutions, create engaging experiences, design usable, satisfying products, and build collaborative relationships.
  • My experience includes branding over two dozen products, collaborating on a couple of design systems, and documenting style guides for a wide range of mediums.
“Jennifer is an incredibly passionate advocate for accessibility and inclusive design. Their wealth of experience allows them to identify both opportunities and potential solutions. They are a powerful voice for making experiences accessible to all users from the initial conception.”

Colleagues say I’m the ultimate user advocate. I’m human-centered, results-driven, and strategic, a cross-functional UXer, designing iteratively informed by research & behavior. I’ve worked with large enterprises known for exceptional service, where I led digital projects to streamline complex transactions into effective, responsive, mobile experiences. I led research for a large-scale digital workplace modernization.

In my spare time I enjoy writing, recording, performing, and releasing my original music, as well as hiking, running, biking, Krav Maga, surfing waves, and tinkering with Arduino. I am designing & building my first Alexa Skill and perfecting my popover baking technique. Tips welcome!

Member of The Internet Defense League part of Fight for the Future