Hello! I’m Jen, a graphic visual interaction UX product designer finding the right “It” before we build it right.


An ideal UX process would include plenty of research to thoroughly understand the people using the interface and the problem being solved.

Real Talk: I may have a process, but as a freelance contributor on a team, I am not always in a position to control the process. Some of the work in my portfolio was created under such circumstances, yet I was able to earn the trust of stakeholders to eventually adopt a well-researched, user-centered process.

Code = loose sketching! Just because it’s code doesn’t mean it can’t be thrown away, or that it took a lot of time to create. I often move from whiteboard or paper sketches to sketch and prototype in HTML/CSS/JS to quickly render low-fidelity prototypes and get an idea into users' hands. For responsive projects, this is really helpful. Direct user observation through rapid prototyping is the most valuable method to uncover effective outcomes.

If things look funny, please note this portfolio is actively being redesigned. Please email Jen for portfolio case studies.

Web Apps

image of akamai performance analytics signin

Akamai Performance Analytics Product Proof-of-Concept

2017 Led customer-centric design process for a new product proof-of-concept. This remote, global team hired me to diverge from the company’s traditional design process to directly involve the customer and make sure we built the right product.

image of massachusetts environmental public health tracking application interface

MA Depart of Environmental Public Health Tracking App

2017 Retrofit responsive redesign of Massachusett’s Department of Environmental Public Health Tracking Application. Designed responsive solutions to access data dense content for evaluating environmental health concerns across the state. This is a multi-stage effort to allow content to be accessed from any device.

image of sabre call center app sample

Sabre Hospitality Responsive Redesign of a Call Center App

2016 Collaborated with a cross-functional team, led UX for responsive redesign of a Windows desktop hotel booking call center app. Built stakeholder understanding to unblock project, change course. Streamlined access to user goals resulted in higher customer satisfaction and shorter call times.

image of app sample Responsive Security and Lead Generation Components

2015 Led responsive redesign of highly trafficked security and lead generation components, improving accessibility across all Fidelity web properties.

image of app sample

Flatview School Attendance Monitoring App

2015 UX team of one for a Louisiana-based startup aiming to improve data and actionability around school attendance.

image of fidelity app sample Responsive Redesign of Accounts & Trade Experience

2014 Increased mobile visitors by 75% for the Accounts & Trade experience via a responsive redesign. My CSS-based solution unblocked the data-dense Positions grid allowing the project to ship on schedule. At launch, it became the most viewed page of

screenshot of the web interface of Responsive Redesign

2012–2013 Incremently designed responsive experience for a high-performing car buying web application which wasn't mobile-friendly. Using A/B testing and implementing design within the Ruby on Rails framework, increased revenue by 50% — with only a retrofit.

screenshot of WikiHow Survival Kit web app

WikiHow Survival Kit, Showcase Chrome App

2011–2012 Working with Easy Designs provided debugging and design for a cutting edge web app to showcase the potential of new HTML5 and CSS3.

image of app sample

Massachusetts Health Connector

2009–2010 Redesigned Delta Dental’s B2B & B2C application. Led Section 508 compliance & adherence to accessibility best practices. Collaborated with engineers, implementing design directly within production code.

image of app sample

Radio Bookmark Branding, Website, iPhone App Design

2009–2010 Content In-progress

image of app sample


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screenshot of desktop view of FloodSmart redesign

FEMA Redesign

2017 Contracting with a DC-based agency for a massive overhaul of a website exemplifying poor usability. Conducted an exhaustive content audit, defined taxonomy rooted in a series of card sorts, facilitated adoption the US Web Design Standards, provided art direction, expertise in accessibility & responsive web design.

screenshot of research deliverables

Alive & Thrive Website Redesign

2017On contract with a DC-based ad agency for a user-centered redesign of a Gates-funded non-profit. Defined UX strategy for a user-centered offline-first approach to meet the needs of in-country aid staff, planned and conducted esearch, conducted an exhaustive audit of web content and resources, designed responsive wireframes, facilitated stakeholder and engineering adoption of user-centered design process.

Defeat Diarrheal Disease State of the Field Report

2017 Case Study Page In-progress UX Research, Information Architecture

screenshot of the website

DMMGF Branding & Website

2018 Design and development for an identity blendeding arts with global science to represent an international science conference and foundation, Days of Molecular Medicine Global Foundation.