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Improve the Financial Health
of Vulnerable DC Citizens 2018 DT:DC Summer of Design course

Note: I realize showing coursework in the portfolio of a designer with more than two decades of experience may be unusual. Over the years I haven’t had the opportunity to use the Business Model Canvas framework before, and was impressed with how much value it adds. It is something I now use on projects, although those are covered by NDA.

Course Overview

Summer of Design, DT:DC, is a course offered by the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business, through a partnership with Capital One and Design Thinking DC. This is part one of a two-part design thinking specialization. I am learning different ways of seeing, thinking, innovating, and communicating — from a business point of view.

Assignment Description

Business Model Design — “How might we improve the financial health of vulnerable DC citizens through entrepreneurship and/or public-private partnerships?”

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Weekly Course Deliverables

Moving very quickly, collaborating with a business team, exploring questions to develop a concept pitch

  1. What is?
    • Who is our target user? ad hoc personas [397kb PDF] - The assignment was to choose one, but we documented two of the three identified users to uncover insights.
    • What is their experience? ad hoc journey map [102kb PDF] - This quick journey map highlighted the difference between Users A and C, why one had the daring to take on student loan debt: User A had parental financial support and guidance, whereas User C was on their own. What if everyone had financial support and guidance?
  2. What if?
  3. What wows/works?

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