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Hello! I’m Jen, a UX Lead in D.C.

Currently, I serve the public interest:

Recently, I led design for Fortune 500 clients with a boutique design consultancy and supported the modernization as a Senior Designer & Accessibility Specialist.

Previously, I ran my own small business and contracted for enterprise, government, start-ups, and non-profits, such as Fidelity Investments, Akamai Technology, Sabre Hospitality Solutions, Partners In Health, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the State of Massachusetts, Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (a joint effort of the Kennedy School & Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health), and the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

I steward best practices for human-centered design, accessibility, and inclusive design through technology products and services. Also, I speak on accessibility, inclusion, design, development, and web performance impact on user experience. Reach out, I’m available for creative consulting, coaching, writing, and speaking opportunities.

I build stakeholder relationships, earning the nickname of “stakeholder whisperer,” while stewarding human-centered design throughout teams, including the C-suite.

Much of my work over the past decade is under N.D.A. Please email me if you’re interested in more case studies or other types of work or skills. I may be able to provide an overview (while respecting my N.D.A.s).

“Jen is the type of Lead Designer that Project Managers hope to partner with on their projects.”

Selected Case Studies

story map of a sample persona user scenario

Fidelity Digital Workplace Modernization

2019 Modernizing the workplace with emphasis on the employee experience.

Case study in progress

screenshot of desktop view of FloodSmart redesign

FEMA Redesign

2017 Introducing human-centered, responsive design within an ad agency.

View Case Study [HTML with PDFs]

image of akamai performance analytics signin

Akamai Performance Analytics Product Proof-of-Concept

2017 Improving turnaround time by 95% with a customer-centric process.

Download Akamai Case Study [1.6MB PDF]

image of fidelity app sample Responsive Redesign of Accounts & Trade Experience

2014 Increasing mobile engagement 75% and unblocking a project one year behind schedule.

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screenshot of research deliverables

Alive & Thrive Website Redesign

2017 Expediting access to life-saving data through human-centered design.

View Alive & Thrive Case Study [HTML with PDFs]

cover of the final pitch presentation showing someone fishing with the words let's talk about debt

Business Model Design to Aid Vulnerable DC Citizens

2018 Addressing the financial wellness of DC's most vulnerable populations.

View Business Case Study [HTML with PDFs]

“Jen is an innovative designer who makes bold moves that could easily be risky in someone else’s hands. The best designers I’ve worked with are like that.”

Web Apps

image of massachusetts environmental public health tracking application interface

MA Department of Environmental Public Health Tracking App

2017 Improved data availability through ADA-compliant accessibility via mobile devices in remote locations by optimizing performance and usability.

image of sabre call center app sample

Sabre Hospitality Responsive Redesign of a Call Center App

2016 Steered a cross-functional team in executing the responsive redesign of a Windows based desktop call center application.

image of app sample Responsive Security and Lead Generation Components

2015 Led creative team and facilitated adoption of best practices for a responsive redesign of lead generation and security products.

image of app sample

Flatview School Attendance Monitoring Proof-of-Concept

2015 UX team of one for a Louisiana-based startup aiming to improve data and actionability around school attendance.

screenshot of the web interface of Responsive Redesign

2012–2013 $500,000 gain in daily product sales attained by accelerating algorithmic marketing utilizing an incremental responsive retrofit to convert a high-performing desktop program into RWD data backed application.

screenshot of WikiHow Survival Kit web app

WikiHow Survival Kit, Showcase Chrome Web Application

2011–2012 Apprenticed with Microsoft’s web standards accessibility advocate, Aaron Gustafson, provided debugging and design for a cutting edge web app to showcase the potential of (then) new HTML5 and CSS3.

image of app sample

Massachusetts Health Connector

2009–2010 Redesigned Delta Dental’s B2B & B2C application. Led Section 508 compliance & adherence to accessibility best practices. Collaborated with engineers, implementing design directly within production code.

image of app sample

Radio Bookmark Branding, Website, iPhone App Design


image of app sample


Paragraph. View project details

“Jen has a powerful combination of an acute design aesthetic as well as a high-level ability to develop web content using HTML, CSS, and client-side scripting.”


screenshot of the punkvision website

Punkvision Branding & Website

2010 to present Logo update, branding, and responsive web portfolio for an award-winning post-production studio.


screenshot of the website

DMMGF Branding & Website

2018 Identity, design, and development for an international science conference and foundation, Days of Molecular Medicine Global Foundation.


Defeat Diarrheal Disease State of the Field Report

2017 Case Study Page In-progress UX Research, Information Architecture

thumbnail of the homepage of Amy Clarkson's website

Amy Clarkson Online Gallery

2009 Cambridge painter Amy Schuyler Clarkson launched a gallery website featuring her luscious oils, lively watercolors, and layered sepias.

Visit Amy’s Gallery

“ … a talented mediator between design, development, and business stakeholders … Jen is a great team player who strives to do the right thing. They are an advocate for the user.”

Small Sampling of Service Design, Branding, Identity, Logo Design, Presentations, Print

image the cover of one of the guides

Inclusive, Accessible Design and Illustrations for Various Guides

2012 to present Design and production of informative guides for diverse, vulnerable audiences as well as training manuals for law enforcement.

Read Supervisory Guides at

story map of a sample persona user scenario

Fidelity Digital Workplace Modernization

2018–2019 Led user research to influence organizational change, foster cross-functional relationships, designed and produced a variety of inclusive, accessible deliverables from blueprints to websites.

image of a paper prototype showing an exterior envelope and a booklet of itemized pages aligned with the process and requirements

Form-a-palooza Physical Prototype for Food Truck Licensing

2018 Redesigned a complex food truck health certificate application process.

cover of the final pitch presentation showing someone fishing with the words let's talk about debt

Business Model Design to Aid Vulnerable DC Citizens

2018 A 12-week course, collaborating with a business team, exploring questions to develop a human-centered concept to address financial wellness.

thumbnail of the four versions of the letterpressed business cards for Amy Clarkson

Amy Clarkson Business Cards

2014 Using an experimental CMYK +1 spot color letterpress technique, designed these cards as a playful presentation of Amy's range of paintings. Used the spot color for the text to hold legibility, where process would have feathered text edges.

Read Em Letterpress Post



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Culture change is my passion.

In modernization efforts, much attention is given to technology and tools. I include the people we aim to serve in solution design — “Nothing about us without us.” Ensuring the human element is considered in modernization projects is crucial to success. An ideal UX process would include thorough discovery to understand the problem space, before considering solutions.

Code = loose sketching!

Just because it’s code doesn’t mean it can’t be thrown away, or that it took a lot of time to create. For digital projects, I often move from whiteboard or paper sketches to sketch and prototype in HTML/CSS/JS to quickly render functional prototypes and get an idea into users’ hands. For responsive projects, this is really helpful. Direct user observation through rapid prototyping is the most valuable method to uncover effective outcomes.

Please email me if you’re interested in more case studies.